About Us



Essence Oasis is registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for-profit Social Entreprise set up to raise awareness and knowledge of life crippling challenges within Black Minority Ethnic Communities and other groups struggling with special needs and mental health issues. We aim to fill the gap, by breaking socio-cultural and religious barriers, bringing Communities together through our Food4Fun awareness programmes, conferences, workshops, lifeskills, Travel and other fun activities. Primarily but without exclusion, we support families with issues of autism, mental health and other developmental Issues. In ensuring that we provide the best tailor- made support for our clients, we work closely with professionals such as those specialising in Behaviour Analysis/ Management, Mental Health, Play Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy.


There are a growing number of young people and children suffering from mental health issues and other illnesses, and this can be devastating to families. We therefore provide a non-judgemental platform for our community to openly talk about their challenges and access the right support needed in improving their quality of life


We provide quality short-breaks and respite for SEN children and their families. Likewise support families by liaising with organisations and professionals who specialise in dealing with mental health illness, autism and other related issues.